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Video GamGame Credits:e Credits:

Necrobarista, Developed by Route59 - 2020

  • Fully 3D interactive visual novel being developed out of Melbourne, Australia 

  • Funded by the New Enterprise Investment Fund (NEIF) - RMIT University

Rebel Cops, Developed by Weappy Studio - 2019

  • Composed with Ben Mathews 

  • Spin-off game from This is the Police

Nostos, Developed by Netease - 2019

  • MMORPG developed for. VR

  • Recorded at Ocean Way Studios in Nashville, TN

  • Featured Vocals by Emi Evans

This is the Police II, Developed by Weappy Studio - 2018

  • Composed with Ben Mathews 

  • Recorded in Oslo, Norwary

  • Created by Weappy Studio in Minsk, Belarus

Florence, Developed by Studio Mountains - 2018

  • Created by Studio Mountains, with Ken Wong of Monument Valley as Creative Lead

  • Nominated for BAFTAs in 6 categories including Music

  • Won 'Best Mobile Game' at the 2019 BAFTA awards in London

Kieru, Developed by Pine Fire Studios - 2017

  • Highly unique ninja deathmatch game developed out of Canberra, Australia

  • Funded by the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE)

Defender’s Quest II: Mists of Ruin, Developed by Level Up Labs - 2017

  • Composed in collaboration with Nobuo Uematsu 

  • Soundtrack recorded at the Royal College of Music


Implosion: Never Loose Hope, Developed by Rayark Inc. - 2015

  • Composed music for game’s cinematic cutscenes.

  • Wrote the main theme featuring Metal Gear Solid V singer Donna Burke 

  • Soundtrack recorded in Sydney, mixed my John Kurlander


Project Phoenix, Developed by CIA. Inc. - 2014

  • Contributed music to the $1 million Kickstarter campaign.

  • Listed as one of the most anticipated soundtracks of 2014 by


Leviathan: The Last Defence, Developed by GREE Inc. - 2013

  • Freemium game with anime adaption. 


DEEMO, Developed by Rayark Inc. - 2013

  • Composed song “I Race the Dawn” featuring Michiyo Honda   

  • Won “Outstanding Achievement for a Vocal Theme” at the 2013 Annual Video Game Music Awards for “I Race the Dawn”. 

  • 7 million downloads as of October 2014.  


Norn9, Developed by Idea Factory - 2012

  • Arranged main theme by Nobuo Uematsu

  • Composed all other music in the game

  • Additional music commissioned for expansion pack “Last Era”

  • Commissioned for Anime adaption. 


Defender’s Quest : Valley of the Forgotten, Developed by Level Up Labs - 2012

  • American RPG - Tower Defence Hybrid 

  • Over 250,000 units sold. 


Jyuzaengi Engetsu Sangokuden, Developed by Idea Factory - 2011

  • First commercial video game

  • Arranged main theme by Nobuo Uematsu 

  • Composed all other music in the game

  • First collaboration with Nobuo Uematsu



Anime Credits:



Tower of God, by Telecom Animation Film - 2020

  • The first Korean Webtoon to be commissioned to be animated

  • Webtoon as over 4.5 billion total-views

  • Recorded at the Dvorak Hall in Prague

Rising of the Shield Hero, by Kinema Citrus - 2018

  • One of the flagship series commissioned by Crunchyroll as an original IP

  • Recorded at WGBH Radio Station in Boston

Made in Abyss, by Kinema Citrus - 2017

  • Won Anime of the Year and Soundtrack of the Year at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards

  • Consecutively Voted one of the best anime of the 2010's

  • Recorded at the Synchron Stage Vienna


Norn9, by Kinema Citrus/Orange - 2016

  • Broadcast on January 7, 2016  on AT-X, Tokyo MX, BS11, SUN

  • 90 minutes of music created in condensed schedule of 4 weeks.

  • Soundtrack recorded at the Royal College of Music


Under the Dog, by Kinema Citrus - 2016

  • Kickstarter raised $878,000.

  • Directed by Masahiro Ando 

  • Soundtrack to be recorded in Macedonia 

  • Publicly endorsed by Hideo Kojima



Feature Film Credits:



Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul - 2020

  • Movie Sequel to the critically acclaimed 2017 TV animation Made in Abyss

  • Released in Japan in January 2020


TV/Online Credits:


Binge Inferno (Pilot), Developed by Turbine Midnight - 2015

  • Main theme composition only. 

  • Written by Darren Moroney and David Smith


My Life as a Video Game, Developed by Leon Films. - 2013

  • Youtube TV Series

  • Directed and Written by Petros Ioannou

  • $30,000 Kickstarter campaign 


The Adventure of Chipman and Biscuit Boy, Developed by Turbine Midnight - 2011

  • Written by Darren Moroney and David Smith

  • Features voice of Larry Thomas (voice of the Soup Nazi from Seinfield) 



Trailer Music:


Implosion - Zero Day, Developed by Rayark Inc. - 2015

  • $400,000 Kickstarter Campaign video

  • Recorded at Angel Studios in London

  • Mixed by John Kurlander


Under the Dog, Developed by Kinema Citrus - 2014

  • Trailer music for Kickstarter campaign

  • Raised $878,000 as a result of the trailer, endorsed publicly by Hideo Kojima.



Concert Music:


2016: Houn Maru (Rio Tinto Commission, Perth Symphony Orchestra) 

2016: Throughtones (Greywing Ensemble) 

2015: First Blood (And so Forth Opera Company, Solo Soprano: Rebecca Hardwick ) 


2014: Changing Feet (Trait Trust Chamber Orchestra, Solo Flute: Nicola Crowe)

2014: Atmosphere (RCM Student Film Orchestra, Solo Cello: Anaïs Laugenie)


2013: Altered Illustations (Perth Chamber Orchestra, Solo Cimbalom: Joshua Webster)

2013: Looking for Serenity (Perth Chamber Orchestra)

2013: Blossom Crossroads (Perth Symphony Orchestra)



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